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Miho Jinja (Miho Shrine)


The head shrine of Ebisu, a god with deep connections to the sea and music


Miho Shrine is located in a port, with Miho Bay unfolding before it and the scent of the ocean drifting through it. The stone paving that lies in front of the shrine’s torii gate turns pale blue when dampened by rain, and is known as Aoishidatami-dori (lit. “the blue-stone-paved street”). The streetscape is reminiscent of ancient times. A god with a deep connection to music is deified at the shrine, and concerts dedicated to the god are also held on the shrine grounds. It is said that worshippers will be blessed with better fortune if they visit Miho Shrine in conjunction with visiting another shrine, Izumo Taisha, so by all means, make your way to both. Miho Shrine enshrines the god of maritime safety, large fishing catches and business prosperity. The shrine’s cute wooden votive plaques are also popular, so why not write your wishes on one and offer it at the shrine? (Incidentally, Miho Shrine is the head shrine of more than 3,000 Ebisu shrines nationwide.)

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