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Tonomachi-dori (Tonomachi Street), Tsuwano

津和野 殿町通り

The white plaster walls and schools of swimming carp are symbols of beautiful Tsuwano


Tsuwano, which is also known as “Little Kyoto,” is a castle that resembles a hidden village in a quiet valley. In the area around Tonomachi Street in particular, the oldest features of the still remain, and schools of countless carp of various sizes swim in the canal on the street, which is lined with white plaster-walled buildings. The season when the white and purple Japanese irises are in bloom is especially beautiful, with the area seeming to transform into an elegant painting. Tonomachi Street is the symbol of Tsuwano – there are a large number of historic sites gathered in the area, including a Catholic church, the site of the former school and the remnants of samurai residences. Furthermore, you will also find stores and stylish cafes selling local cuisine in the vicinity, as well as stores selling general merchandise and souvenirs. If you venture a little way down the lanes you will discover the white-walled earthen storehouses of merchants that are preserved as they were long ago, and you can capture a sense of the calm lifestyle of an old castle. There are also a large number of spots with connections to well-known figures whom the fostered, such as literary master Ogai Mori, philosopher Amane Nishi and artist Mitsumasa Anno.


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