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Tsuwano-cho Shiro-ato Kanko Rifuto (Tsuwano Castle Ruins Chair Lift)


Enjoy taking a “stroll in the sky”


The Tsuwano Castle Ruins Chair Lift is a scenic sightseeing chairlift with a total length of 330m that runs between Taikodani Inari Shrine and the Tsuwano Castle Ruins. It is a convenient way of getting to the ruins. As the chair lift makes its way slowly up the steep slope, passengers get to enjoy a “stroll in the sky” while taking in the red-tiledscape of Tsuwano, which is known as “Little Kyoto,” as well as Mount Aono directly in front of them. *On foot, the round trip between the chair lift exit and the ruins takes approximately 40 minutes, so comfortable walking shoes are recommended. It is also necessary to pay attention to the operating times for the descending chair lift, particularly the final one (the chair lift stops operating at around 4 p.m.).


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