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Nichihara Tenmondai (Nichihara Astronomical Observatory)


Why not take in the starry sky from a mountain summit?


Nichihara Astronomical Observatory is located on the summit of a mountain at an elevation of 225m, and it is equipped with an astronomical telescope that boasts one of the largest apertures in Japan among those observatories that are open to the public. The observatory is a symbol of Tsuwano as “the home of star-filled skies,” and as such, it attracts large numbers of stargazers. Facilities in the immediate vicinity of the observatory include Pension Hokutosei, which offers accommodation, as well as the Stars and Forest Science Museum, where the underlying theme is environmental problems from the perspective of the universe. There is also an “astronomy archive.” The Stars and Forest Science Museum is a museum whose theme is the global environment, centering on astronomy and forests, and it features videos and three-dimensional exhibits that provide easy-to-understand explanations. (The weather on the summit is changeable, so it is advisable to check the weather in advance.)

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