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Anno Mitsumasa Bijutsukan (Anno Mitsumasa Museum)


An art museum with a planetarium


This art museum houses works from artist Mitsumasa Anno, a native of Tsuwano who won the international Hans Christian Andersen Award. The two exhibition rooms display approximately 120 works by Anno, who, in addition to picture books, was active in a broad range of fields including landscape painting, bookbinding, posters and essays. The museum also houses a planetarium and a replica of Anno’s home studio, as well as a small library and the “Old Classroom,” a replica of an elementary-school classroom from the 1920s. The planetarium features narration by Anno in which he discusses his thoughts on his hometown of Tsuwano, and the planetarium’s screening program offers a look at Tsuwano’s constellations across the four seasons, and at Anno’s picture book Anno’s Medieval World.


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