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Yomei-ji (Yomei Temple)


The temple garden is appealing regardless of the season and is a must-see


Yomei Temple is an old temple that was established in 1420 by the lord of Tsuwano Castle. As a Zen training facility it has a history as a temple where large numbers of itinerant monks pursued their training. There are remnants of a magnificent main temple gate on the road leading to the temple, but this is said to be the relocated main gate of Tsuwano Castle. As befits an old Zen temple, a tranquil atmosphere pervades Yomei Temple, including the main temple building which boasts a fully thatched roof. The temple’s full-fledged Japanese garden is also a must-see. The famous garden’s scenery can be enjoyed in every season, including fresh green foliage in spring, water lilies in summer, and colorful foliage in autumn. The grave of literary master Ogai Mori can be found in the cemetery on the left after you pass through the temple gate. In line with Mori’s will, it is simply engraved “Grave of Ogai Mori.”

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