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Hori Teien (Hori Garden)


An artistic Japanese garden that also boasts superb autumn foliage


Hori Garden is the garden of the Hori family, generation upon generation of whom were mine operators. It is a historic property – the majestic homestead with its long plaster walls dates from 1788, while the gate of the main residence dates from 1733. The garden was created in 1897 by a gardener who was brought from Osaka. The gardener’s skill is evident in the way the garden makes use of the natural backdrop formed by the mountain behind it, Mount Midori, and in the brilliant placement of stone lanterns and garden stones, centering on the pond. The garden is outstanding not just in terms of its beauty, but from a technical standpoint also. The trees and plants cultivated in the garden, at the core of which are Japanese maple trees, are also superb. During the autumn foliage season, visitors get to enjoy three bands of color as the foliage changes in three stages from the foot of the mountain to its summit. It is a garden that combines remarkable artistry with a calm atmosphere.

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