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Townscape of Omori (Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine Site)


The silver mines, the long history, and the life of local people and Japanese traditional lifestyle to live together with nature


A really special sight in the Iwami Ginzan area is Omori Town. Today this town has a population of around 450 people and stretches 1.5 km long between the mountains. There are many preserved old houses, samurai residences, shops, shrines, temples and many other sights, which are all worth a visit. It is possible to rent bicycles and explore this quiet place on your own. It is really impressive to walk through the ancient streets along the river and experience the feeling of the old Japan during the silver rush. But not only the town itself is a sight, you should also explore the wild nature around Omori. There are many nice paths, which are mostly easy to walk. What makes the surrounding nature so unique is the existence of many ruins of ancient castles, temples, shrines and settlements in the middle of the forest. They are covered with moss and you can really see how the nature tries to regain its space. There are also many hidden mine shafts and places with an amazing view in the beautiful nature scenery. These things create a mysterious and ancient atmosphere, which let you feel like in a dream. So it is really worth it to visit this secret place in the mountains, if you want to experience this unique sight of Japanese history.

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