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Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW


An observation boat that creates the sense of strolling casually under the sea


Amanbo is the first semi-submerged observation boat to operate in the Sea of Japan. It departs from Hishiura Port and travels around Ama’s notable points both on and under the sea, beginning with the famous spot of Saburoiwa. The area of ocean around here is also the first diving spot on the Sea of Japan side, and is home to abundant seaweed and fish. From the boat’s underwater observatory, you can leisurely view schools of Japanese sea bream and Japanese amberjack, and it really feels like you are taking a stroll underwater! The night cruise allows you to spend a romantic and luxurious time while seeing the mysteries of the deep illuminated by Noctiluca scintillans (sea sparkles). (The boat’s operating schedule may change depending on the weather and sea conditions.)

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