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Izumo-no-kuni Fudoki


A document of high literary and artistic value


Izumo-no-kuni Fudoki is Japan’s oldest remaining fudoki (topographical and cultural record). The wide-ranging document covers topics such as Izumo Province’s topography, size, and the origin of its place names, as well as the traditions of each area, harbor capacities and flora and fauna distributions. In particular, the document contains a superb dose of literary flavor in the form of Izumo Province’s myths and legends. The way of thinking and easygoing expressiveness of the ancient people that this record reveals make it quite a compelling read.

Some of the place names and other material recorded in the Izumo-no-kuni Fudoki remain unchanged today. Izumo Province is called the land of myths, and one of the inspiring things about reading this document is the realization that, in Izumo, the days of old continue to make their presence felt even today.


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