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Izumo Soba (Izumo Buckwheat Noodles)


Fragrant noodles that are one of Japan’s top three soba varieties


If you had to name the local gourmet dish that is the hallmark of Shimane Prefecture, it would have to be soba. Even within that, Izumo Soba, the variety eaten in the eastern part of the prefecture, is famous as one of Japan’s top three soba varieties. In the case of Izumo Soba, because the buckwheat kernels are milled together with the husks, it is a darker color than the soba produced in other prefectures, and it is also notable for its fragrance. Conventionally, it is served in three-tiered, vermillion-lacquered round bowls known as wariko. Buckwheat contains a kind of polyphenol called rutin, and so for people aiming to achieve beautiful skin, kama-age soba, whereby the noodles are served in a bowl along with the broth that they were boiled in, is the recommended eating style. In the colder seasons in particular, a meal of kama-age soba will warm you up nicely. There are a large number of soba restaurants, and it is fun to visit various restaurants to compare their flavors.

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