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The Shimanean: Stories from our CIR’s

Shimanean magazine spread

Twice a year, spring/summer and autumn/winter, CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations) visit places throughout Shimane and write about their experiences in their bi-annual magazine Shimanean. The CIRs represent their different countries and through their articles offer their own perspective to unfamiliar cultural experiences.

The bi-annual magazine is also translated into Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian. You can find them here → [link]
*Japanese text version is also included w/ each article 

Each issue features 4 articles. Information on places and activities in the articles may have changed since the time of publication.


Autumn/Winter The Gifts of Lake Shinji and Nakaumi Vol. 81
The Treasure of Lake Shinji- Yamato Shijimi
An Experience of Nature- and an Aquarium with “Gogi”
Strawberry Picking
Swans of Shimane

Spring/Summer Mt. Sanbe Vol. 80
The Ancient Treasure that Mt. Sanbe Buried
The Museum I Wanted to Visit as a Kid
Health Tourism
Having Fun at Mt. Sanbe 


Autumn/Winter Momenkaido – Where Old Meets New Vol. 79
Memories of Momenkaido
Tastes of Tradition in Momenkaido
Momenkaido Hereafter
Umi Shrine: Meeting the Deity of Separation

Spring/Summer Come to Masuda! Wasabi, Kagura, and Friendly Locals Vol. 78
Masuda: One City, Many Journeys
Michikawa Kagura
Wasabi Cultivated by Nature
The Charming Points of a Japanese Guesthouse 


Autumn/Winter The Yama Kujira and a Lively Town Vol. 77
The Mountain Whales of Misato
“Through Yamakujira, the Community of a Widespread Area” – Creative Space of Hand-Stitched Wild Boar Leather Crafts at Aozora Craft
A Bright Person in Misato Town
Aozora Salon

Spring/Summer Oki Islands Vol. 76
Hassaku Bull Sumo
Oki – A Seafood Lover’s Paradise
On an Island, Surrounded by Stunning Views
Where Time Stands Still, Kuniga Coastline


Autumn/Winter Shimane’s World Heritage Selection – 10 Years On Vol. 75
A Blend of Tradition and Modernity in the Streets of Omori
Welcome to Okubo Mabu Mineshaft: A Wild Adventure in the Historic Remains of Iwami Ginzan

From the Town, a Taste of the World
Finding the “Perfect” Onsen in Yunotsu

Spring/Summer Bringing Shimane’s Traditional Crafts to the World Vol. 74
Looking Through Traditions to a Clear Future Zap Glass Studio
The Harmony of Tradition and Modernity The Birthplace of Kumiko and the Yoshihara Wood Workshop
Hiromitsu Blacksmith Workshop: Flickering of Flames and Passion
Sekishu Washi・A Powerful Tradition


Autumn/Winter What I Discovered Living in the Countryside of Shimane. Vol. 73
The Place I Decided to Live From Now On
New York and Shimane: Small Community, Big Heart
Matsue is the Countryside?
Did You Say The Countryside??

Spring/Summer Creating Togethor: The people of Shimane engage in the Arts! Vol. 72
A Stroke of the Brush, the Pouring of the Soul
The Mysterious World of “Rice Paddy Art”
The Ashibue Performance Group: Food for Connected Hearts
Taiko and Community


Autumn/Winter Learning Experiences in Shimane Vol. 71
Conveying the Simple Humanity in us All: The Yasugi-bushi and Dojo-sukui Experience
The Izumo Soba Making Challenge Report!
Experience Zen at Yasugi’s Kyomizudera Temple
You Should Learn It! -The Unshuu Soroban-

Spring/Summer Kimachi Stone – A Stone Inseparable from Life in Shimane Vol. 70
Kimachi Stone Museum and the Stone that Lives with Nature
Carving the Soul of the Kimachi Stone
Kimachi Stone and Izumo-Nankin: Shimane’s Original Brand
The Connection between Kimachi Stone and the Home


Autumn/Winter A Way To Enjoy Matsue  Wear a kimono and take a stroll Vol. 69
Japanese Beauty, Breadth of Mind -The Charm of Japanese Clothing-
The Tea Culture of Matsue
Kimono and Sweets: Experiencing Matsue’s Traditional Tastes
The Round Dango are Art

Spring/Summer My Favorite Color of Shimane Vol. 68
‘Lake Shinji Sunset’ – A Stunning Sunset Spot
Colours of the Earth
Treasured Views of a Mountain Village
The Riches of Lake Shinji


Autumn/Winter Washoku: The Traditional Food Culture of Shimane’s Citizens Vol. 67
The Power of Humans & Nature Combined
Appreciating The Craft & Beauty of Kamaboko Fish Cakes
Chopsticks of Love
Learning Tea Ceremony Culture

Spring/Summer International Exchange Programs In Shimane Vol. 66
Cultural Exchange in the Grass: A Japanese & North American Story
The Road of Flowers ~Russia and Shimane~
Youths Pouring Passions Into Their Dreams & Futures
Give Me Wings – Youth Exchange Programs in Ningxia
Protecting The Ocean – Coastal Cleanup Works


Autumn/Winter The People Living in a World Heritage Town Vol. 65
Learn History with an English Guide!
Taking Pride in your Hometown: A Resident of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine
Why Not Try a Meal at an Old Samurai House
Memories of History  The Oil Lamps of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

Spring/Summer Culture Born from Water & Iron: Okuizumo Town Vol. 64
Learning Traditional Japanese Ironwork: The Okuizumo Tatara & Katana Museum
If You Are Fond of Japanese Swords…
Harmony Between History, Culture and Nature at the Itohara Memorial Museum
The Gourmet Food of Okuizumo