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The Shimanean: Stories from our CIR’s

Shimanean magazine spread

Twice a year, spring/summer and autumn/winter, CIRs (Coordinators for International Relations) visit places throughout Shimane and write about their experiences in their bi-annual magazine Shimanean. The CIRs represent their different countries and through their articles offer their own perspective to unfamiliar cultural experiences.

The bi-annual magazine is also translated into Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Russian. You can find them here → [link] or click on the languages below to read them in their respective languages.
*Japanese text version is also included w/ each article 

Each issue features 4 articles. Information on places and activities in the articles may have changed since the time of publication.


Artisinal Creations Infused with Wishes Vol. 84

Infusing Wishes to Achieve Happiness through the three secrets of Mitsutori-Hitorgi
Realising Wishes: Adding the Finishing Touch
50 Years of Craftsmanship: The Creation of a Lion’s Head Infused with Wishes

[English] [한국어] [簡体字] [português] [русский]


Walking with Guides Vol. 84

Living History! A Samurai’s View of Matsue
A Walk Through the Forest with a Guide ~Arifuku Moss Land~
A Tatami Mat of Fossils at “Iwami Tatamigaura”

[English] [한국어] [簡体字] [português] [русский]



A Handcrafted Experience in Matsue Vol. 83
Enchanting Pottery
Matsue’s Original Temari
Experience “Izumo” Through Washi Paper Making
A Hands-On Experience with “Yakumo-Nuri”

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Shimanean Vol. 82

Sweet Shimane Vol. 82
Raw Experience with Raw Honey
A Healthy Habit! Why Not Try Some Amazake?
Sweet Ice Cream at Izumo Norin High School
Kiyomizu Yokan

[English] [한국어] [簡体字] [português] [русский]


Shimanean Vol. 81

The Gifts of Lake Shinji and Nakaumi Vol. 81

The Treasure of Lake Shinji- Yamato Shijimi
An Experience of Nature- and an Aquarium with “Gogi”
Strawberry Picking
Swans of Shimane

[English] [한국어] [簡体字] [português] [русский]


Shimanean Vol.80

Mt. Sanbe Vol. 80

The Ancient Treasure that Mt. Sanbe Buried
The Museum I Wanted to Visit as a Kid
Health Tourism
Having Fun at Mt. Sanbe 

[English] [한국어] [簡体字] [português] [русский]


Shimanean Vol.79

Momenkaido – Where Old Meets New Vol. 79

Memories of Momenkaido
Tastes of Tradition in Momenkaido
Momenkaido Hereafter
Umi Shrine: Meeting the Deity of Separation

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.78

Come to Masuda! Wasabi, Kagura, and Friendly Locals Vol. 78

Masuda: One City, Many Journeys
Michikawa Kagura
Wasabi Cultivated by Nature
The Charming Points of a Japanese Guesthouse 

[English] [한국어] [簡体字] 


Shimanean Vol.77

The Yama Kujira and a Lively Town Vol. 77

The Mountain Whales of Misato
“Through Yamakujira, the Community of a Widespread Area” – Creative Space of Hand-Stitched Wild Boar Leather Crafts at Aozora Craft
A Bright Person in Misato Town
Aozora Salon

[English] [한국어] [簡体字] 


Shimanean Vol.76

Oki Islands Vol. 76

Hassaku Bull Sumo
Oki – A Seafood Lover’s Paradise
On an Island, Surrounded by Stunning Views
Where Time Stands Still, Kuniga Coastline

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.75

Shimane’s World Heritage Selection – 10 Years On Vol. 75

A Blend of Tradition and Modernity in the Streets of Omori
Welcome to Okubo Mabu Mineshaft: A Wild Adventure in the Historic Remains of Iwami Ginzan
From the Town, a Taste of the World
Finding the “Perfect” Onsen in Yunotsu

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.74

Bringing Shimane’s Traditional Crafts to the World Vol. 74

Looking Through Traditions to a Clear Future Zap Glass Studio
The Harmony of Tradition and Modernity The Birthplace of Kumiko and the Yoshihara Wood Workshop
Hiromitsu Blacksmith Workshop: Flickering of Flames and Passion
Sekishu Washi・A Powerful Tradition

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.73

What I Discovered Living in the Countryside of Shimane. Vol. 73

The Place I Decided to Live From Now On
New York and Shimane: Small Community, Big Heart
Matsue is the Countryside?
Did You Say The Countryside??

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.72

Creating Togethor: The people of Shimane engage in the Arts! Vol. 72

A Stroke of the Brush, the Pouring of the Soul
The Mysterious World of “Rice Paddy Art”
The Ashibue Performance Group: Food for Connected Hearts
Taiko and Community

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.71

Learning Experiences in Shimane Vol. 71

Conveying the Simple Humanity in us All: The Yasugi-bushi and Dojo-sukui Experience
The Izumo Soba Making Challenge Report!
Experience Zen at Yasugi’s Kyomizudera Temple
You Should Learn It! -The Unshuu Soroban-

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.70

Kimachi Stone – A Stone Inseparable from Life in Shimane Vol. 70

Kimachi Stone Museum and the Stone that Lives with Nature
Carving the Soul of the Kimachi Stone
Kimachi Stone and Izumo-Nankin: Shimane’s Original Brand
The Connection between Kimachi Stone and the Home

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.69

A Way To Enjoy Matsue  Wear a kimono and take a stroll Vol. 69

Japanese Beauty, Breadth of Mind -The Charm of Japanese Clothing-
The Tea Culture of Matsue
Kimono and Sweets: Experiencing Matsue’s Traditional Tastes
The Round Dango are Art

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.68

My Favorite Color of Shimane Vol. 68

‘Lake Shinji Sunset’ – A Stunning Sunset Spot
Colours of the Earth
Treasured Views of a Mountain Village
The Riches of Lake Shinji

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Shimanean Vol.67

Washoku: The Traditional Food Culture of Shimane’s Citizens Vol. 67

The Power of Humans & Nature Combined
Appreciating The Craft & Beauty of Kamaboko Fish Cakes
Chopsticks of Love
Learning Tea Ceremony Culture

[English] [한국어] [簡体字]


Summer/Autumn International Exchange Programs In Shimane Vol. 66
Cultural Exchange in the Grass: A Japanese & North American Story
・The Road of Flowers ~Russia and Shimane~
・Youths Pouring Passions Into Their Dreams & Futures
・Give Me Wings – Youth Exchange Programs in Ningxia
・Protecting The Ocean – Coastal Cleanup Works

[English] [한국어] [簡体字

Winter/Spring The People Living in a World Heritage Town Vol. 65
Learn History with an English Guide!
・Taking Pride in your Hometown: A Resident of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine
・Why Not Try a Meal at an Old Samurai House
・Memories of History  The Oil Lamps of Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine


Summer/Autumn Culture Born from Water & Iron: Okuizumo Town Vol. 64
・Learning Traditional Japanese Ironwork: The Okuizumo Tatara & Katana Museum
・If You Are Fond of Japanese Swords…
・Harmony Between History, Culture and Nature at the Itohara Memorial Museum
・The Gourmet Food of Okuizumo