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Useful travel information

How to get to the Oki Islands

Shichirui Port

Embark on a unique island adventure!

The Oki Islands are made up of 4 main inhabited islands (Dōgo Island and 3 Dōzen Islands: Nakanoshima Island, Nishinoshima Island and Chiburijima Island) and more than 180 uninhabited islands. Oki’s unique natural environment was designated as a Global Geopark in 2013. Erosion has created several magnificent coastline views, including the Kuniga Coast on Nishinoshima Island, which features a stone arch and a sheer cliff that stands 257m tall. The Candle Island off the coast of Dogo Island stands in such a way that if you catch the sunset at the right angle, the island looks like a candle lit on fire.

By Ferry

There are three types of standard ferries (Ferry Oki, Ferry Kuniga and Ferry Shirashima) and a fast ferry (Rainbow Jet) operating from Shichirui Port (mainland Shimane Prefecture) and Sakaiminato Port (Tottori Prefecture), to Oki Islands. If your destination is Dogo Island, take Ferry Oki. If it is one of the Dozen Islands, make sure to take Ferry Kuniga. Ferry Shirashima only operates between Sakaiminato Port (Tottori Prefecture) and the Oki Islands.

Please double-check you are boarding the right ferry for your destination.

Note that the timetable changes depending on the season and the fast ferry service is not available during winter. Please check the latest timetable at the Oki Kisen Ferry Line website. Prior booking is highly recommended if you wish to take the fast ferry (Rainbow Jet).

*Please note that the ferries may also be canceled due to weather conditions.

Before boarding the ferry

* Please arrive at the terminal 30 minutes prior to the departure time (1 hour if you have already made a booking to put your car on the ferry).

1. Fill out the Passenger List (in English or Japanese) at the terminal or you can download the form (here) and fill it out at home.

-Fill out the Vehicle Boarding Form (in English or Japanese) at the terminal or you can download the form (here) and fill it out at home.

  • Shichirui Port
  • Shichirui Port


  • Shichirui Port … Port on Mainland Shimane
  • Sakaiminato Port … Port in Tottori Prefecture
  • Saigo Port  … Port on Dogo Island (Okinoshima Town)
  • Beppu Port … Port on Nishinoshima Island (Nishinoshima Town)
  • Hishiura Port … Port on Nakanoshima Island (Ama Town)
  • Kurii Port … Port on Chiburijima Island (Chibu Village)

②Seating Classes

  • 2nd Class … Standard non-reserved floor seating 
  • Special 2nd Class … Special non-reserved floor seating
  • 1st Class … Shared room for smaller group reservations 
  • Special 1st Class … Reserved private room (2 person max capacity) *Japanese and Western styles available
  • Private Room … Reserved private suite (3 person max capacity) *Japanese and Western styles available 
Mainland ~OkiDozen ~ DogoBeppu ~ Hishiura
(Dozen ~ Dozen)
Hishiura ~ Kurii
(Dozen ~ Dozen)
Kurii ~ Beppu
(Dozen ~ Dogo
2nd Class3,300 JPY1,490 JPY370 JPY720 JPY720 JPY
Special 2nd Class4,250 JPY1,970 JPY570 JPY960 JPY960 JPY
1st Class5,980 JPY2,710 JPY590 JPY 1,280 JPY1,280 JPY
Special 1st Class7,460 JPY3,380 JPY750 JPY 1,600 JPY1,600 JPY
Private Romm8,360 JPY3,840 JPY1,040 JPY1,890 JPY1,890 JPY
current as of July 2021

③Home Address

Your home address

④Name + Age + Gender

*A group of up to 5 people can share the same form.

⑤Purpose of travel

  • Sightseeing
  • Business
  • Homecoming
  • Fishing
  • Marine Leisure
  • Others

2. Buy a ticket at the ticket counter 

Shichirui Port

Bring the completed Passenger List and Vehicle Boarding Form (if you are bringing a vehicle with you) to the ticket counter. You can pay with cash or credit card (except for at Kurii Port (Chiburijima Island), where only cash payment is accepted).


  • Shichirui Port
  • Shichirui Port
  • Shichirui Port

・Follow the signs.

・Show your ticket to the staff upon boarding. Please do not lose your ticket because you will need to hand it over to the staff when disembarking.

・Please be aware of the time and the port to get off at.  

Inter-Island Ferries

For traveling between the Dozen Islands, you can take the inter-island ferries that run multiple times a day between Nakanoshima Island, Nishinoshima Island, and Chiburijima Island. There are two inter-island ferries, Isokaze and Ferry Dozen. Isokaze only carries passengers, whereas Ferry Dozen carries passengers and vehicles.  


Adult: 300 JPY (One way)

Child: 100 JPY(One way)

*Cash only. A crew will collect your fare once you board the ferry.

Useful Links

Official website of Oki Islands Tourism Association

Visit the Oki Islands (Facebook Page) …This is the joint Facebook page of all Tourism Associations of the Oki Islands.
Please follow them for the newest information about events and festivals!

Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark & Official Facebook page Official website and facebook page of the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark.
The Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark is a place where you can discover
the deep connections between the Earth, nature, and culture.