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Water Sports and Beach Fun in the Oki Islands


sea kayaking

Oki Islands are located in the Sea of Japan (a shallow, basin-like sea) that has a large cold body of water, and the Tsushima Warm Current that flows through the sea. As a result, the marine biodiversity of Oki can be enjoyed through local food and also underwater.


 Marine Sports

 In the summer months, scuba diving and snorkeling are popular. Sea kayaking is popular from spring to autumn. You can try these activities on Dogo, Nishinoshima and Nakanoshima islands.
 Night Diving is a unique activity, where fishing lights are used to attract fish. Divers enter the water and explore the sea at night, surrounded by schools of fish! This unique activity can only be enjoyed in Nishinoshima Island, the first place in Japan to invent this thrilling dive. Divers from around Japan (and France and Germany in 2013) come to Oki to explore the Sea of Japan at night.



Diving Oki

Club Noah Oki

[websiteEnglish Available
3078-12 Mita, Nishinoshima Town [map]
Club Noah Oki offers diving lessons, fun diving, and night diving, as well as sea kayaking.
Please contact by e-mail :


Club Ama Diving Service

Ama Town
Ama Diving Service offers diving lessons on the shore and from a boat. (Japanese language only)
Please contact by e-mail :



Sea kayaking

sea kayaking sea kayaking sea kayakingsea kayaking sea kayaking

Kaiyō Sports Center

[official websiteEnglish and Limited Chinese Available
Tsudo, Okinoshima Town, Oki-gun [map]
Kaiyo Sports Center offers sea kayaking tours both within and outside of the bay, as well as sea cave exploration tours.
Please contact by e-mail :


[websiteEnglish Available
Nishinoshima Town
D-style offers snorkeling tours, banana boat fun, and wakeboarding.
Please  contact by e-mail :

Ryugu Marine Lovers Field

Okinoshima Town
Ryugu offers sea kayaking, with or without a guide. A sea kayaking and lunch package is available.
Please contact by e-mail :




There are many keen fishermen in Oki. You can hire fishing gear at many stores and try to catch your dinner! Many people fish near the port. Some islands have fishing pontoons or fishing parks where you can enjoy a few hours of fishing. There are also fishing charter boats – fish with your captain for snapper (day) or squid (night)! [website(Japanese language only)]



There are beautiful beaches in the Oki Islands. The swimming season is from July to August, but you can swim from June to September (the locals will only swim in July and August!)

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach

Address : Ama Town, Oki-gun
Access : 8 min on foot from Hishiura Port


Akiya Beach

Akiya Beach

Address : Ama Town, Oki-gun
Access : 20 min by car from Hishiura Port


Watatsu Beach

Watazu Beach
Address : Shimazushima, Chibu Village, Oki-gun
Access : 15 min by car from Kurii Port, then 10 min on foot

Sotohama Beach

Sotohama Beach
Address : Mita, Nishinoshim Town, Oki-gun
Access : 10 min by car from Beppu Port (15 min by town bus)


Mimiura Beach

MimiuraAddress : Beppu, Nishinoshima Town, Oki-gun
Access : 10 min by car from Beppu Port


Kasuganohama Beach

kasaganohama BeachAddress : Fuse, Okinoshima Town, Oki-gun
Access : 40 min drive from Saigo Port


Nakamura Beach

Nakamura BeachAddress : Nakamura, Okinoshima Town, Oki-gun
Access : 30 min drive from Saigo Port


Fukuura Beach

Fuku-ura Beach

Address : Kitagata, Okinoshima Town, Oki-gun
Access : 40 min drive from Saigo Port




Shiohama Beach

Shiohama Beach

Address : Higashimachi, Okinoshima Town, Oki-gun
Access : 20 min drive from Saigo Port










sea kayak


Oki Islands Beach Map

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