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Ichibata Hands-on Train Driver Experience


Take a Dehani 50-type out for a spin


 Visiting Japan and its easily noticeable about how much love Japan has for its trains. In fact, Japan has one of the most extensive train networks in the world and is the home to some of the world’s busiest train stations. The train networks spread across Japan’s main four islands while extending past major cities and into the countryside where smaller private companies have their own local lines. In Shimane, specifically in the Izumo region (east side), there is a private company called Ichibata Electric Railways that has been servicing the region with its electrical railroad since 1914.


 Whether you are a train-buff or looking to try something new, Ichibata Electric Railways has got you covered. Take part in their hands-on train-driving experience, which gives you a chance to operate one of Japan’s oldest trains, the Dehani 50-type. The train experience includes a classroom lecture, introduction to the operating mechanisms, actual driving time on a 150m closed course, and a certificate of completion. 

The experience is open to people of all ages and no experience is needed when trying for your first time, but Japanese language ability is preferred as all courses are taught in Japanese.


* If you need help with reservations you can contact the Izumo Kankou Association.


*Due to the current situation, only the Master Course, for participants who have participated at least once before, is being offered at the moment. 
*limit of 5 participants max per one group


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