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Kobayashi Kobo: Iwami Kagura Mask Atelier

石見神楽面 小林工房


Located in the Onsen town of Oda city called Yunotsu, Kobayshi Kobo is a Iwami Kagura masks atelier. The artisan, Mr Kobayashi, hand-makes and hand-repairs Iwami Kagura masks, which are used in the traditional performance ritual held in the Iwami region and dedicated to Japanese Shinto Gods. Not only are the masks used for performing, but can be used as decoration on a wall or be gifted as a lucky charm. All masks are made of Sekishu Washi, which is a locally produced Japanese washi paper that has a history of over 1,300-years in the Iwami region.

With advanced bookings, you can participate in a workshop that includes painting your own Kagura mask.

Kagura mask is, as the words imply, the mask worn by performers when performing Kagura.
The masks used in Iwami Kagura are made of Sekishu Washi (traditional Japanese washi paper).
There are various kinds of kagura masks used in Kagura performances. Some have features of old men, while others depict women, demons, funny faces, and animals such as monkeys and foxes.


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