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Windy Farm Atmosphere

Built right into the cliff-side with views of the sunset


Located along the coastline, the Windy Farm Atmosphere features a parking area, restaurant, and even a hotel!

The parking area features a burger shop, coffee brewery, ice cream shop, and ramen stand for visitors looking for a bite while taking a rest from their travels in Shimane. There is also an observation deck and a swing that overlooks the ocean.

However, the restaurant and hotel are built right into the cliff that overlooks the sea. The restaurant utilizes locally sourced ingredients for both its lunch and dinner menus. If you happen to visit during the evening you can dine out on the terrace and get an unobstructed view of the sunset.

This hotel features eight cave-inspired dwellings that offer guests amazing ocean and sunset views from the comfort of their own rooms. And each room comes with its own private outdoor jacuzzi. There is also access to a private sauna for staying guests. The hotel also has a beach house villa that can sleep up to seven people in three bedrooms and features a private patio perfect for BBQs. And the staff said that if you stay during the summer, there is a chance you will see some dolphins.

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