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Kuniga Kaigan (Kuniga Coast)


A coastal area with scenery that is representative of the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark


Kuniga Coast is the dynamic beauty spot that represents Oki, which is registered as a UNESCO Global Geopark. Magnificent cliffs and massive, unusually-shaped rocks hewn by the coastal erosion of the Sea of Japan tower over the entire western coast region of Nishinoshima, and the beauty of the natural forms is overwhelming. When all is said and done, the heart of Kuniga Coast is Matengai, a cliff that soars vertically to a height of 257m from the surface of the sea. At the top of the cliff, meanwhile, cows and horses graze on expansive green pastures. Their leisurely mood contrasts nicely with the magnificent scenery. Tsutenkyo, an arch-shaped rock “bridge,” Akekure-no-iwaya, a 200-meter long natural tunnel, and the cliffs and large number of strange rocks displaying rugged basalt rock surfaces are all superb. Sightseeing boats operate that travel around the various picturesque spots, and the scenery that can be seen from the sea is exquisite.

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