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Koboku no Mori Koen (Koboku no Mori Park)


An organic garden enclosed by herbs


Koboku no Mori Park is an organic garden enclosed by herbs and natural flora. The park’s highlights include an herb garden where 240 herb varieties, such as lavender, color the four seasons, and a “rose walking path” that you can stroll along while immersed in the scents of 60 varieties of rose in full bloom. The park’s craft building sells herb-related souvenirs such as aromatic oils, and you can also try your hand at crafts that use herbs. In addition to a restaurant that uses herbs and other local ingredients, the park is also equipped with a grassy area and space for athletics, and there are also bungalows, lodges and other facilities available. It is a great place to spend a leisurely day, or to spend time having fun as a family. Kiri no Yu, a hot spring where visitors can bathe while enjoying the scent of the herbs, is also popular.

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