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2019 Firework Festivals


Japan celebrates spring with “hanami” and they celebrate summer with “hanabi*”. From July through August, summer fireworks festivals are held all over the country. And in Shimane, like many other areas in Japan, many people get together to enjoy the festivities, the fireworks, the delicious festival foods, and to enjoy the time with the camaraderie of friends. Many of the fireworks festivals are parts of larger summer festivals, so please check them out as well. The festivals are really good for those that want to experience the traditional Japanese countryside.

Grab your yukata, jinbei, or whatever summer attire you might have and join in on one of the summer festivals in Shimane!

*hanabi = 花火、はなび = flower fire (lit. transl.) = fireworks.

   East Area         Central Area         West Area        Island Area   

    Nima-Goise Festival     

Nima goise

WHERE :  Around the Nima Sand Museum (Nima-cho, Ohda City)  [map]  

WHEN :  July 13th (sat)  2019  17:00 ~
*fireworks 20:30 ~ (2000 count)


   Kisuki Summer Festival    

WHERE :  Hii-River riverbed  (Kisuki-cho, Unnan City)  [map]

WHEN :  July 20th (sat)  2019  *fireworks 20:00 ~  (2000 count)

ABOUT :   Boasting over two hundred years of history, the festival is host to street stalls that line the main street while Kagura (a traditional dance ritual) is performed. Visitors can enjoy about 2,000 fireworks from a distance of just 120m. Kagura starts at 8:30 p.m.


   Eena Matsuri Kawamoto Gonokawa River Fireworks Display    

Go-nokawa River Fireworks Festival

WHERE :  Kawamoto Main Street   (Kawamoto Town, Ochi-Gun) [map]  

 WHEN :  July 27th (sat)  2019  *fireworks 20:00 ~ 21:00 (2000 count)


   Tonbara-Furusato Summer Festival  

WHERE :  Former Tonbara Brand of Iinan Town Hall (Iinan Town) [map]

 WHEN :  July 27th (sat)  2019  *fireworks 20:30 ~ 21:00 (1000 count)


   ‘Koi Koi Koi’ Festival in Tsuwano    

WHERE : Roadside Station Nagomi-no-Sato (Tsuwano Town, Kanoashi-Gun) [map]

WHEN :  July 27th (sat)  2019 18:00~
*fireworks 20:00 ~ 20:40 (3000 count)

ABOUT :   This festival allows guests to traditional drumming and modern performances in the historic town of Tsuwano.


    Yurahime Shrine Festival     

WHERE :    Yurahime Shrine (NishinoshimaTown, Oki-Gun) [map]

WHEN :      July 27th (sat), 28th (sun)  2019   *fireworks on 28th at Urago Port [map]


   Matsue Suigo-sai Festival    


WHERE :  Lake Shinji, near the Matsue City Office  (Matsue City)  [map

WHEN :   August 3rd (sat) 2019 *fireworks 20:00 ~ 21:00  (10000 count)
               August 4th (sun) 2019  *fireworks 20:00 ~ 20:20 (3000 count)

ABOUT :    One of the biggest festivals in San-in, Matsue Suigo-sai Festival fireworks take place on two days this year. Incredible 10 thousand fireworks are to be set off above the Lake Shinji, which reflects the beautiful sparks of fireworks on its glossy surface.

*Due to the expected amount of traffic, please use public transportation. If you plan on coming by car please park in the designated parking areas.


     Tenryo-san Festival      

WHEN :  August 3rd (sat)  2019  17:00~
WHERE :   near JR Odashi Station (Ohda City) [map]
WHEN :   August 4th (sun)  2019  9:40~ 
*fireworks 20:00 ~ 21:00 (6000 count)
WHERE :  Kute Port (Ohda City) [map]

WHEN :  August 25th (sun)  2019 10:00~
WHERE :  Omori-cho  (Ohda City) [map]

ABOUT :    Tenryo-san festival takes place in 3 days at 3 different venues. On August 4th, more than 6,000 beautiful fireworks are set off at Kute Port. On August 3rd, you can enjoy many local folk performances such as Tenryo Dancing, Tenryo Drums, Iwami Kagura, etc. around JR Oda-shi Station. Lastly, on the 25th, people parade in traditional costumes along with the historic town of Omori, in the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine World Heritage Site!


   Masuda Suigo-sai Festival    

WHERE :  Takatsu River Bank (Masuda City) [map]

WHEN :  August 3rd (sat)   2019  16:00 ~
*fireworks 20:00 ~ (4800 count)


   Hamakko Summer Festival    

WHERE :   Hamada Port (Hamada City) [map]

WHEN :   August 3rd (sat)  2019  16:00 ~
*fireworks 20:30 ~ 21:15  (5000 count)

   Yunotsu Onsen Summer Festival     

yunotsu summer festival

WHERE :  Yunotsu Port (Ohda City) [map]

WHEN :  August 10th (sat)  2019  17:00 ~
*fireworks 19:50 ~ 20:20 (1000 count)

ABOUT :    Fireworks are displayed over the Japan Sea and you will enjoy the dynamic view of beautiful fireworks at close! Awe-taking Kagura performances, local food stalls are also something that you can really enjoy!

   Daito Tanabata (Star) Festival    

Daito Tanabata Festival

WHERE :  Daito Shopping Street (Daito-cho, Unnan City) [map]

WHEN :    August 6th (tues)  2019  *fireworks 20:30 ~ (1500 count)

ABOUT :    This traditional festival has more than 400 years of history. Bamboo are beautifully decorated with wishing papers, as well as the unique amazing floats with lanterns are a must-see!


   Izumo Shinwa (Japanese Myth) Festival    

Izumo Myth Festival

WHERE :   Kunibiki-chuou Street (Imaichicho, Izumo City),
Kandachi River Bank Park (Otsu, Izumo City) [map]

WHEN :  August 10th (sat)  2019   17:00 ~ 20:15
                    *fireworks  August 11th (sun)  2019  19:45 ~ 20:50

ABOUT :    This festival take places over 2 days. Izumo Bon Odori folk dancing on 10th and breathtaking 8,000 fireworks display at the Hii River bank on 11th . The Hii River is the setting of one of the Japanese myths, ‘Yamata-no-orochi’. There will also be many night stalls set up too.


    Chiburijima Fireworks Festival     

WHERE :    Chibu Village [map]

WHEN :      August 14th (wed) 2019 18:00 ~
*fireworks  20:00~


   Yoshika Town Furusato Summer Festival   

WHERE :  Kakinokimura Aioi Bridge area (Yoshika Town) [map]

WHEN :    August 14th (wed)  2019  *fireworks 20:00 ~ (3,000 count)


   Yasugi Tsuki-no-wa Festival    


WHERE :   Main street in Yasugi [map] & Yasugi Port (Yasugi City) [map]

WHEN :   August 14th (wed) ~ 17th (sat)   2019
                 *fireworks 8/14 20:00 ~ 20:45 (5000 count)


   Tsuwano Nichihara Ayu Summer Festival    

WHERE :   Takatsugawa River Fisheries Cooperative Nichihara Office (Tsuwano Town, Kanoashi-Gun) [map]

WHEN :       August 15th (thurs)  2019  18:00 ~
*fireworks 20:00 ~ 21:00 (2500 count)


    Gonokawa River Festival    

Go-nokawa River Fireworks Festival

WHERE :    Around JR Gotsu Station, Gonokawa River (Gotsu City) [map]

WHEN :     August 16th (fri) 2019   10:00 ~
                    *fireworks 20:10 ~ (6000 count + 4000 lanterns on the river)


    Kin Nya Monya Festival     

WHERE :    Hishiura Port (Ama Town, Oki-Gun) [map]

WHEN :      August 24th (sat) 2019  food stalls open from 11:00 ~
*parade starts at 18:00 ~; fireworks from 19:30 ~


   Minari Atago Festival  

WHERE :  Minari (Okuizumo Town) [map]

 WHEN :  August 24th (sat), 25th (sun) 2019  *fireworks 8/24 20:30 ~ (1000 count)