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Useful travel information


How can I get to Shimane Prefecture, and by what routes?
We have prepared a transport access page explaining ways to get to Shimane from inside and outside Japan.
I would like to spend two days traveling around Matsue and Izumo. What course would you recommend?
You will find a model one night/two day course here. We have also prepared a large number of other model courses – please refer to this page.
What means of transport do you recommend for making a round trip of Shimane Prefecture?
The prefecture is dotted with recommended sightseeing spots and facilities etc., and because some of them take time to reach using public transport, for those travelers with the confidence to drive a car in Japan, we recommend hiring a rental car to get around. Some rental cars are equipped with multilingual navigation systems, including in English, which offers peace of mind. Incidentally, there are transport passes available that allow three days of unlimited travel on trains and buses in the eastern part of the prefecture, and major JR stations also have rental cycles (electric bikes), so please choose the option that suits your circumstances. A map showing facilities where rentals are available can be found here.
What measures are being taken to prevent coronavirus infections?
Sightseeing facilities, accommodation facilities, restaurants and so on are committed to preventing infections and are carrying out regular sterilization, making hand sanitizer available and taking other steps to ensure that tourists can enjoy themselves with peace of mind. A related article can be found here.
Are there sightseeing guides who are able to speak foreign languages?
Please refer to the Shimane Interpreter Guide Association (SIGA)’s website.
What is the best season for sightseeing?
It is possible to enjoy sightseeing in every season, from January to December. The maximum temperatures in spring and fall are around 20°C, while in summer the maximum temperature ranges from 30-35°C. In winter there are many days where the temperature is below 10°C, and in some cases snow will be found even in lowland areas.
Are there Halal restaurants and restaurants that cater for vegetarians?
There are Halal restaurants and restaurants that cater for vegetarians even in Shimane Prefecture. * Site is in English only
Are there onsen in Shimane?
Shimane Prefecture is an “onsen heaven” with more than 60 onsen areas, including some that boast a long history and are famous nationwide, such as Tamatsukuri Onsen and Yunotsu Onsen. Some ryokan (traditional inns) are equipped with not only large public baths but also family baths that can be reserved, and rooms with ensuite onsens. For more details please refer to the list of onsen facilities.
Are there duty-free stores?
Information on duty-free stores can be found here.
Are there places where I can exchange currencies?
There are few places where it is possible to exchange foreign currencies and Japanese yen, so it is better to do so before arriving. ATMs that accept foreign credit cards can also be found in some locations such as airports and convenience stores. You can search for nearby ATMs using the Japan Official Travel App (free).