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Cycling through Shimane

Cycling pass Yomegashima

“The route less traveled in Shimane”

There are many ways to travel through Shimane. We’ve talked about ways you can go by train, bus, rental car, and even airplane.  But one we haven’t really introduced yet is by bicycle. You can bring your own or even rent one and pedal through the prefecture at your own pace. Ride along the lakeside, pass by farms, go down to the beach, up a famous bridge,  and take in all the blessings of nature that Shimane has to offer. Find hidden spots not easily accessible by train or by car. Check out our cycling video a the bottom.

Showing around by bicycle

Goen Cycle Station Sticker

And to assist you on your cycling journey through Shimane are the 200+ Goen Cycle Stations that offer services to cyclists. Identifying a Goen Cycle Station and its services are made easy by just looking for this sticker.

Here are some articles written by the cyclists on their journey through the Iwami Region of Shimane. Check them out!

Tsuwano Ride: Cycling Explorations in Hagi and Iwami

Coast to Coast in West Japan: The Iwa Iwa Ride from Iwakuni to Iwami

We rented some bicycles and a guide and went on two cycling routes taking us across the Shimane peninsula and into Yonago, Tohori prefecture. The courses we used were the “En Musubi Kaido” cycling course (縁結び街道サイクリングコース) and the “Nakaumi Shuuyuu” cycling course (中海周遊サイクリングコース). We were also able to ride the Ichibata electric trains with our bikes back from Izumo (purchase of a separate bike ticket is necessary).
Click on >>>CYLING ROUTES<<< to find out more about the cycling routes in Shimane. (JPN only site)

Bicycle Renting Info >>>JPN WEBSITE<<<

There are many routes that go to and from Shimane through the neighboring prefectures. Explore some of the other routes that go through Shimane. Check out the Cycling Map below ↓↓↓

Goen Cycle Map FrontGoen Cycle Map Back

Bicycles on rack