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Oni no Shita Burui Gorge


A large gorge of strangely-shaped and mysterious rocks that can be enjoyed in every season


Oni no Shita Burui is a large gorge stretching approximately 2.3 km that was created as a result of a rapidly-flowing river carving out the rock over a period of many years. The v-shaped valley is flanked to the left and right by towering rock faces made up of large and small tengu rocks (rocks that resemble a type of legendary Japanese creature) and other rock formations. Furthermore, throughout the valley, strangely-shaped and mysterious rocks can be seen lying about, and pothole formations of various sizes can be spotted in the riverbed. The river’s clear current weaves its way between them and fills deep ravines throughout, making it possible to enjoy magnificent scenery. The walking trail along the gorge is slightly under 2 km (approximately 60 mins round trip). It is the perfect spot for taking photos, and the seasons when autumn or fresh foliage are present are particularly beautiful. By all means, also take a walk across the Shita Burui no Koi Suspension Bridge, which is 45m high and 160m long.


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