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Okuizumo Orochi Loop


Japan’s only loop bridge and a famous spot for autumn foliage


Okuizumo Orochi Loop is Japan’s largest double loop-type road. The shape formed by the double coil of the entire loop is supposed to resemble a large serpent that is featured in Shinto music and dancing. The red arch of the Miino Bridge, which spans the ravine at its highest point, is popular as a photo spot. Large numbers of tourists enjoy the amazing views from an adjoining roadside station, particularly during the autumn foliage season. Okuizumo Orochi Loop can also be viewed from the Okuizumo Orochi special train, a heritage train that runs on the Kisuki Line, and it serves as the finale of the course. There are also roadside stations, restaurants, the Okuizumo Steel Sculpture Museum, walking trails, observation decks, lodges, and other facilities within the zone.


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