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Eshima Ohashi (Eshima Grand Bridge)


A large bridge that offers amazing views and is also popular for cycling


Eshima Ohashi is a large, steeply-sloped bridge that spans Lake Nakaumi to connect Matsue in Shimane Prefecture and Sakaiminato in Tottori Prefecture. The bridge was the subject of an automobile television commercial, and achieved instant fame thanks to its steep grade. At its highest point, the bridge reaches a height of approximately 45m, and is Japan’s largest girder bridge made of concrete. From the center of the gigantic bridge, it is possible to take in Mount Daisen in the distance and Daikon Island rising out of Lake Nakaumi. The bridge is popular as a cycling route also. If you climb the bridge from the Tottori Prefecture side, as you cross the prefectural boundary and are about to descend, a superb view of Lake Nakaumi appears before you.


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