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Karakoro Kobo (Karakoro Art Studio) (formerly the Bank of Japan Matsue Artisan Studio)


A pink post box that is said to bring good fortune is popular


*Currently Closed for Renovations until September 2024*

Karakoro Art Studio is located in a historical building that sits alongside a canal in the castle of Matsue. It is an integrated manufacturing and retailing craft gallery with an artisan theme. The central square contains a wishing well, a pink post box, and heart-shaped votive picture tablets. The pink post box is popular for reportedly attracting good fortune. The studio also holds events in each season, including the Umbrella Sky event in the rainy season, when the ceiling of the square is completely covered with colorful umbrellas. In addition to workshop classrooms and artists’ brand shops selling spiritual stones, silver, glass, ceramics, recycled cloth, woodwork, and other accessory items, the building also has abundant food options, including cafes and restaurants. With a complete lineup of classrooms, galleries, shops and other facilities, Karakoro Art Studio is a place where you can revel in Japanese handicrafts.

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