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Yakumo-tatsu Fudoki-no-oka (Izumo Ancient Remains)


Showcasing the culture of ancient Izumo, in an area filled with historical and cultural artefacts


The area around Fudoki-no-oka was the centre of ancient Izumo. There are a lot of cultural assets such as ancient tombs, old shrines and temples, related to ancient Izumo including the Izumo-kokubunji Memorial and Izumo Provincial Office Memorial. The Exhibition and Learning Hall has many materials including ‘Mikaeri-noshika’ (deer clay figure / Important Cultural Property), a historically valuable sword inscribed ‘Nukatabe-no-omi’ made in 6th century and a detailed diorama of this area in 8th century. Free bicycles are available to explore around historic remains in this area.

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