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Izumo Yayoi-no-Mori Hakubutsukan (Izumo Yayoi-no-Mori Museum)


Visitors are transported to an idyllic world of ancient times


Izumo Yayoi-no-Mori Museum is adjacent to Nishidani Funbo-gun (Nishidani Burial Mound), a massive ruler’s tomb complex that is a National Historic Site. The museum’s displays include comma-shaped glass jewels and bracelets, bright crimson burial goods, a model of Izumo’s ruler, and a gigantic diorama that dramatically reconstructs the events at a funeral service. The displays draw visitors into an ancient and idyllic world. This museum also serves a role as a guidance facility for showcasing the various historic ruins in Izumo City, including the Nishidani Tumuli next door, which is designated a National Historic Site.

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