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Mihonoseki Todai (Mihonoseki Lighthouse)


A lighthouse that also offers a cafe where diners can take in the amazing views


Mihonoseki Lighthouse is located at the tip of Jizozaki, at the easternmost point of Shimane Peninsula. It was completed in 1898. The area around Jizozaki is part of Daisen-Oki National Park, and is a picturesque location with magnificent views of the Japan Sea. On a clear day it also commands views of the Oki Islands and Mount Daisen. Taking a drive along the Shiokaze Line, a 2-kilometer long toll road extending from Mihonoseki, is also a popular pastime. The lighthouse is 14m high and is located at the top of a cliff that is 73m above sea level. The stone building is constructed in a style that retains vestiges of the 19th century. Adjacent to the lighthouse is an exotic stone building that houses the Lighthouse Buffet restaurant. The area in the vicinity of the lighthouse is also a perfect spot for fishing, and a large number of visiting fishermen and fisherwomen enjoy fishing off the rocks. The Isaribi Cafe opens for a limited period on the weekends in July and August. Here, you can enjoy a drink and a meal while watching the spectacle of isaribi – the use of lights to lure fish – taking place on the Sea of Japan.


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