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Aoishitatami-dori (Blue Stone-Paved Street)


The old’sscape and stone-paved street are soothing


Mihonoseki is a that prospered as a result of building up around Miho Shrine. The blue stone paving that leads from Miho Shrine to Bukkoku-ji (Bukkoku Temple) is a remnant of the street to the shrine that existed in the Edo period. You come upon the stone-paved street after passing under Miho Shrine’s torii gate, and after walking for a while, you arrive at Bukkoku Temple. The street in front of the shrine has been formed by laying stones of various shapes, with some of the larger ones measuring 80 cm2. The stone paving was laid around 1804-1807. In ancient times, the area is said to have been full of inns and souvenir shops that were patronized by the shrine’s worshippers. The oldscape and the stone-paved street are remnants of those times, and engender the area with a calm atmosphere.


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