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Kamosu Jinja (Kamosu Shrine)


The main shrine is a national treasure, and its stone staircase, which is built out of a stack of massive natural stones, is magnificent


Kamosu Shrine boasts a magnificent rock staircase built out of a stack of massive natural stones. The shrine has an austere and calm atmosphere, fitting for the home of the gods of ancient Izumo. It is said to answer prayers for marriage, conception, safe childbirth, and commercial prosperity. The main shrine is said to be the oldest existing example of a main shrine building in the Taisha architectural style, and is designated a national treasure. At first glance the main shrine appears to be constructed from plain wood, but originally it is believed to have been colored, and the main shrine’s inner chamber features richly-colored wall paintings. Also enshrined here are old iron pots that the shrine’s deities are said to have ridden when descending to the shrine from the heavens.

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