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Iinan-cho Furusato no Mori (motor camp, forest therapy and Mori no Hotel Morinosu)


Refresh your mind and your body with forest therapy


The whole of Iinan, which centers on a Prefectural Citizens’ Forest, has been certified as San-in’s first forest therapy site, and it supports the promotion of a large number of people’s health. Forest therapy draws on “the medically-acknowledged power of forests” to restore people’s mental and physical health. Visitors can experience a variety of programs led by forest therapy guides or under the guidance of forest therapists, including yoga, aromatherapy, and hammocks. Forest therapy promotes circulation with moderate exercise that is tailored to the individual, and is effective in promoting health and beauty from within the body. Exposure to forests is said to reduce stress and contribute to improving mental and physical health. It is also possible to stay overnight at Morinosu – the forest’s hotel – and the motor camp, while enjoying the great outdoors.

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