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Ryuzugataki (Ryuzuga Falls)


The greatest waterfalls in the Chugoku region


Ryuzuga Falls are the greatest waterfalls in the Chugoku region, and have been selected as one of Japan’s 100 great waterfalls. The falls comprise Odaki, a “male” waterfall that falls approximately 40m, and Medaki, a “female” waterfall with a drop of 30m that is made up of several currents and a number of high falls. You can bask in the negative ions beside the thunderously flowing falls, and if you walk along the path beside the mountain stream toward the falls, you will come upon a grove of cedars that are over 400 years old. There is no question you will find the crisp air refreshing. There is a cavern behind Odaki where you can look out from behind the waterfall, and when viewed from here, it looks just like a curtain of water. The Ryuzugataki Matsuri (Ryuzuga Falls Festival) is held on August 15 every year, with performances of a waterfall dance and vendor stalls as well.


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