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San-nouji Terraced Rice Fields


The site of one of Japan’s top 100 terraced rice fields, and popular for its amazing views


The famous San-nouji Terraced Rice Fields have been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 terraced rice fields. They are located on a hillside within Unnan City, at an elevation of 300m. The approximately 200 terraced rice fields cover an area of 19 ha, and are preserved by the farmers in the district. In autumn, the fields’ undulating waves of grain make a stunning sight. An observation deck offers an unbroken view of the terraced fields and there is superb scenery to be enjoyed from it. In the early morning, you may even be lucky enough to capture the spectacle of a “sea of clouds.” The terraced fields are also a popular photo subject when it is snowing. A terraced rice field festival, opportunities for visitors to try their hand at rice cultivation, and other activities are also carried out here throughout the year. Additionally, the San-nouji Kagura, (kagura is a type of Shinto ritual ceremonial dance), which is designated as a Shimane Prefecture intangible cultural asset, is handed down in the area. Rich traditions and culture are embedded in the lifestyle of the region.


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