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Kamo Iwakura-iseki (Kamo Iwakura Ruins)


Ruins where the spirit of ancient times is ever-present


The Kamo Iwakura Ruins were discovered in 1996 as a result of the chance discovery of a large quantity of bell-shaped bronze vessels in the course of a farm road project. It is a place overflowing with the romantic and adventurous spirit of ancient times. At the time of their discovery, the bronze vessels were found lying on their sides in the state in which they were buried some 2,000 years ago. 39 bronze vessels were discovered, the largest number ever excavated from a single archeological site in Japan. The ruins have now been restored to the state they were in when the vessels were uncovered, and Kamo Iwakura Ruins Guidance is also located immediately nearby to help visitors deepen their understanding of the site. Here, you can look at images and replicas of the bronze vessels, as well as panels explaining the ruins.


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