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Okuizumo Tane Shizen Hakubutsukan (Okuizumo Tane Museum of Natural History)


A “museum with accommodation” where you can enjoy a night museum experience


The first thing that greets you when you enter Okuizumo Tane Museum of Natural History is the stunning full skeleton of a gigantic allosaurus! The theme of the museum is “the evolution of the universe and the history of life.” On display is a large number of precious fossils such as the allosaurus skeleton as well as ammonites, which serve to trace the long history of life across some 4 billion years. Also featured are three-dimensional CG images displayed on large screens, a night museum experience and other attractions, making the museum enjoyable for everyone from children through to adults. The floors above the exhibition space house accommodation. Museums where you can stay overnight are extremely rare even nationwide. A “heart-pounding night museum” experience is available exclusively to overnight guests who are also able to use the nearby hot spring facility. The museum displays mainly fossils, accompanied by commentaries incorporating the latest theories. It is a place for learning about the history of life and the evolution of the planet, and for considering what the future holds for it.

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