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The daffodils of Kamate Coast – Karaoto Suisen Koen (Karaoto Daffodil Park)

鎌手海岸のスイセン 唐音水仙公園

The amazing sight of daffodils blooming extravagantly against the backdrop of the blue sky and sea


This is an area along the JR Sanin Main Line and National Route 9 where daffodils grow en masse. There are over two million daffodil bulbs here, and the sight of the blooming flowers against the blue backdrop of the wide open sky and the Sea of Japan is truly magnificent. It is a popular spot for taking photographs, and for taking a stroll while listening to the sound of the surf crashing against the rocks. The daffodils began being planted from around 1990 and have been cultivated by local residents both young and old. Thanks to them, the area has now been transformed into a place that is renowned for its flowers and attracts tourists from throughout the country. In recognition of these local residents’ efforts and the beauty of the place, Karaoto Daffodil Park has also received a Prime Minister’s Award and Shimane Prefecture’s highest award for scenery.


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