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Karaoto no Jagan (Karaoto Snakelike Rock) and Karaoto Suisen Koen (Karaoto Daffodil Park)


The stunning beauty of over one million daffodil bulbs


The whole of Karaoto is an elevated abrasion platform, and there are also coastal cliffs and marine caves to be found in the vicinity. This platform is made up of quartz trachyte, and a dike formation of blackish-brown andesite that juts out from it is known as Karaoto no Jagan (Karaoto Snakelike Rock). It is only around 1m wide, but is 300m long and resembles a large snake lying upon the bedrock, which is where gets its name from. It is designated a national natural monument. There are also historic ruins and rocky beach hot springs nearby. Daffodils, the municipal flower of Masuda City, bloom at the neighboring Karaoto Daffodil Park, and visitors can enjoy the sight of over one million bulbs of Japanese daffodils blooming against the backdrop of the Sea of Japan.


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