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Abe Eishiro Kinenkan (Abe Eishiro Memorial Hall)


A museum (memorial hall) with a substantial collection of materials relating to Japanese paper


The Abe Eishiro Memorial Hall displays precious materials relating to paper, centering on Japanese paper made by the late Eishiro Abe, the keeper of the ganpishi papermaking technique, which has been designated an Important Intangible Cultural Property. Also on display are works and handicrafts from famous artists who were friends with Abe, such as Shiko Munakata. Eishiro Abe single-mindedly devoted himself to pursuing the beauty of handmade Japanese paper. He created unique Japanese paper that capitalized on the idiosyncrasies and distinctive characteristics of the various raw materials he employed. There is also a handmade Japanese paper training center located next to the memorial hall where visitors can try their hand at making Japanese paper.


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