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Iwami Kaihin Koen (Iwami Seaside Park)


Immerse yourself in Shimane’s natural environment with the park’s blue sea and white sand beach


Iwami Seaside Park utilizes Shimane’s rich natural environment to the fullest extent possible, and is enveloped in Japanese black pines, the prefectural tree. The park follows the coastline and is 5.5 km long in total, with magnificent views in each of the four seasons. The park’s expansive white sand beach, which stretches in an arc of 3.5 km, is so beautiful it looks more like something you would find on a tropical island. Simply gazing at the clear cobalt blue sea and wide shallow beach, which the Ministry of the Environment has selected as one of Japan’s top 100 bathing spots, is soothing to the soul. A wide variety of sporting and other events are also held on the coast. Furthermore, the park offers a full range of facilities, including a motor camp and cabins that can be used year-round, as well as tennis courts. Aquas Land, one of the largest play areas featuring wooden playground equipment to be found in Japan, is also within the park, as is Aquas, an aquarium where you will get to meet the hugely-popular white Beluga whales, which blow bubble rings. The entire family can enjoy a full day of fun at the park.


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