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Sekishu Banshi (Sekishu Washi): UNESCO Important Intangible Cultural Herritage


Traditional paper-making technique recognized as UNESCO intangible cultural property


Sekishu Banshi is traditional Japanese handmade paper that has an over 1,300-year history in the Iwami region of Shimane. It is praised for its high quality and durability. It was registered as a UNESCO Important Intangible Cultural Herritage in 2009. Back in the day, accountants used this paper for their books because in the case of a fire they could save the data by throwing it in a well. The same paper that lined those books is still being used to make the masks and costumes for local Iwami Kagura performances. You can try making your own Sekishu Washi paper at the Sekishu Washi Center in the Misumi area of Hamada City.


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