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Kinta Noen Beriine (Kinta Farm Berryne)

きんた農園 ベリーネ

Get your fill of freshness and flavor


Kinta Farm Berryne is surrounded by the rich natural environment of Kanagi, and is one of the largest sightseeing farms in the prefecture. It is a popular spot for strawberry picking and for direct sales of strawberries to the public. Visitors can enjoy strawberry picking between early-January and late-May, while the grape-picking season runs from late-August to late-September. The farm offers an “all-the-strawberries-you-can-eat” experience that lasts 50 minutes and covers five varieties of strawberry. Because the strawberries are cultivated in raised beds, they are easy for senior citizens and children to pick as well, and the hothouses are barrier-free, enabling ready access for both wheelchairs and baby strollers. The farm also cultivates pione grapes, which visitors can try their hand at harvesting (tastings are also available), and Shine Muscat grapes. In addition, the on-site Berryne Cafe offers sweets and drinks that are made in house and make full use of the fruit harvested at the farm. The cafe enjoys an established reputation for its superb menu lineup, which can only be savored here.

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