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  • SpecialTraining Courses Recommended by Local Amateur Teams

    Introducing the training courses recommended by local amateur teams   ◆MRF(Matsue Road Force)  ...

  • SpecialThe Course for Beginners, Ride Around Shinji-ko Lake, Japan Sea and Visiting Izumo-taisha Shrine with Cycle Train Service

    This 50km course starts from Matsue City, riding along the north side of Shinji-ko Lake which is fam...

  • SpecialRide Along the Former JR Sanko-sen Line to Explore the Great Nature Around Gono-kawa River

    JR Sanko-sen Line, the 108.1km long railway that connected Gotsu City, Shimane prefecture and Miyosh...

  • SpecialFeel the Scale of the Nature of the Miracle Island, Dogo Island of Oki Islands

    Oki Dogo Island, the biggest island of the Oki Islands – “the miracle islands” with its amazin...

  • Special140km Special Hill-climbing Challenge Course in Okuizumo with the Magnificent Scenery of Shimane

    The course is for advanced cyclists, with two long and tough climbs during the 140km long course. St...