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Enjoy the Seasonal Flowers in Shimane!

One of the best traits of Japan is that there are 4 seasons and each season has its own best moments and beauty. Flowers are obviously a favorite to admire and appreciate in every season.

Shimane is home to lots of colourful flowers and trees.
With this page, we will introduce the seasonal flowers in Shimane and best seasons to see them.

Make sure to take notes and add them to your bucket list!

Spring: Nanjya-Monjya

【Best in early May】
Slightly after the Sakura (cherry blossoms) season is when this Nanjya-Monjya trees starts to bloom at the Matsue Castle park. Official name for this tree is "Chionanthus retusus” or "the Chinese fringetree" but they are called "Nanjya-Monjya" in Japan. We don't know the origin of this nickname "Nanjya-Monjya" but from the early times people call everything unfamiliar "Nanjya-Monjya" and that is how people believe it to be called "Nanjya-Monjya". The Chinese fringetree is native to eastern Asia: China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. In Japan, you can see them indigenous only in Gifu and Aichi and Nagasaki. They are very rare species that those three habitant places are designated as a National Natural Monument.

But how did they end up in Shimane, or more specifically at Matsue Castle? This is all thanks to the Matsue-born Mr. Sakamoto who brought them to Shimane from Korea in 1940 as a gift to his hometown!

The way the whole tree get covered with white flowers makes it seem as if it snows in early Summer. Make sure to visit as soon as it blooms because it only lasts for 10 days!

Spring: Tulip

【Best in mid-April】
Fields of colourful Tulips appears right before your eyes at Hakuta town in Yasugi city every spring.
The windmill adds an exotic atmosphere to the tulip fields.

【Event Info】
Mid-April: Hakuta Tilip Festival

Spring: Canola

【Best from late-March to mid-April】
The Canola fields in Izumo city, which are just a 15 minute drive away from the Izumo Airport, turns a gorgeous yellow carpet in Spring. They creates an amazing contrast with the blue sky above!
*The fields are to be harvested. Please take photos from the walking paths only.

【Event Info】
The first Sunday of April: Canola Festival

Summer: Hydrangea

【Best from mid-June to mid-July】
Also known as "the Hydrangea Temple", Gesshoji temple in Matsue city is the family temple of Matsudaira family's.
Almost 3 million hydrangea start to bloom in June, along the graves of the Matsudaira Family.

Summer: Poppy

【Best from early to mid-June】
The view of a 6ha sized land filled with 60 millions of poppy flowers is not something you will see often. You can see red and pink poppies fluttering in the wind with the background of great nature.

【Event Info】
June: Poppy Festival

Summer: Sunflower

【Best in mid-August】
The field of 20 million sunflowers near the Izumo airport is just breathtaking. Walk through the field and take as many pictures as you want!

Winter: Daffodil

【Best from late-December to late-January】
During the winter, over 200 millions of Japanese daffodils are swaying in the sea wind on the coastal cliff of Kamate, Masuda city during winter.
What a blessing of nature to watch the sun set in the background of these pretty flowers and the rocky coast that's known as "Karaoto-no-jagan (Karaoto Snake-alike Rock)", a National Nature Monument.

Flower parks and gardens

①Matsue Vogal Park
【Recommended All Year Around】
Matsue Vogel Park is a bird and flower theme park with one of the largest flower greenhouses in Japan.
Flowers are in bloom all-year-around and their rare species of birds welcome you.

②Shimane Hana no Sato
The Shimane Hana no Sato flower garden entertains you with different seasonal flowers and greens each season. There is a lawn area where you are welcome to do a picnic and a Kids area has a playground.
Seasonal events and exhibitions are held almost every month.