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adachi museum, White Gravel and Pine Garden

Adachi Museum of Art was chosen as the best Japanese garden ...

The Best Japanese Garden; Adachi Museum of Art    The Adachi Museum of Art (Yasugi city, S…

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[Movie] Shimane is a land of authenticity

The blue sea and green mountains…a nurturing nature beautifully interwoven by the four seasons……

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grilled crab focus

The season of snow crab has just come!

Did you know that snow crab fishing is allowed only for 4 months? More specifically, fishing ma…

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Snow resorts in Shimane

Japan has over 500 snow resorts from small to large throughout the nation. Of course, there are…

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Japanese Beauty, Breadth of Mind -The Charm of Japanese Clot ...

When I think of Japan, Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms, Japanese clothes, kabuki, anime are usually t…

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yuushien winter

Spectacular Seasonal Sceneries in Shimane

Spring Cherry Blossoms Spring spectacular cherry blossoms can not be missed in Spring of Japan.…

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Iron making

Learning Traditional Japanese Ironwork : The Okuizumo Tatara ...

If you are fond of Japanese swords・・・ If you ask a foreigner “What is Japanese culture?” you wi…

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English Guide at Iwami Ginzan

Tourist Guides in Shimane

Professional Tour Guide Group (charged) Shimane Interpreter-Guide Association (SIGA)  Professio…

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Admission Discount for International Visitors

 22 tourist facilities offer international visitors admission discount in Shimane. Please show …

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Regions of Shimane

Shimane Map
Shimane Map

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