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2 of Road Stations in Shimane are ranked in the TOP 30 Road ...

\2 of the Road Stations in Shimane ranked in! /   The top 30 Road Stations in Japan in 201…

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Our Instagram account is now open! 【@discover.shimane】

We launched a new Instagram account! @discover_shimane Beautiful scenery, activities and experi…

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2016 Join Summer Festivals in Shimane

Fireworks colouring the nights and rows of night stalls can be said as the Japanese summer trad…

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About Yasugibushi & Dojou-sukui in Yasugi City

If you visit Yasugi City, you will see a smiling male mascot character with a wicker basket in …

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adachi museum, White Gravel and Pine Garden

Adachi Museum of Art was chosen as the best Japanese garden ...

The Best Japanese Garden; Adachi Museum of Art    The Adachi Museum of Art (Yasugi city, S…

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sea kayak

Water Sports and Beach Fun in the Oki Islands

Oki islands are located in the Sea of Japan (a shallow, basin-like sea) that has a large cold b…

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Japanese Beauty, Breadth of Mind -The Charm of Japanese Clot ...

When I think of Japan, Mt. Fuji, cherry blossoms, Japanese clothes, kabuki, anime are usually t…

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summer sea

Spectacular Seasonal Sceneries in Shimane

Spring Cherry Blossoms Spring spectacular cherry blossoms can not be missed in Spring of Japan.…

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beach fun header

The blue sky and the blue sea,beach fun in Shimane

Facing the Sea of Japan, there are a lot of beaches in Shimane. We usually enjoy the season dur…

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Shimane Map
Shimane Map

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