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Shinjiko Sunset Cafe


On the eastern banks of Lake Shinji, there is a tiny cafe that only opens during the sunset hours on days when the sunset is visible. 
Open from 5pm till sunset, this small take-out only cafe caters specialty drinks to spectators of the beautiful sunset over Lake Shinji. And did you know that the sunset over Lake Shinji has been selected as one of the top 100 sunsets in Japan? 
Grab a drink and watch the sunset at Shinjiko Sunset Cafe! Some of their specialties include the “Shinjiko Tasogare” Coffee which uses a special blend from a local coffee shop, the Sunset Mango Soda resembles the colors of sunset, and the “Goen-dama” Melon Soda which uses locally grown melons.
*Drinks pictured above are “Shinjiko Tasogare” Coffee(iced), Sunset Mango Soda, and Shinjiko Iced Cafe au lait.
And if you are not into coffee, they also have 100% fruit juice and soda drinks available. 

*Daily sunset information can be found here:

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