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Matsue Horikawa Ji-biiru-kan (Matsue Horikawa Local Beer Hall)


Get your fill of freshly brewed local beer and regional cuisine


The local specialties section on the first floor of Matsue Horikawa Local Beer Hall offers an extensive lineup of local specialties from the San-in region, including original products from the beer hall itself. Enjoy shopping at your own pace on this spacious floor. You can also sample five varieties of beer at the open beer counter. At the beer restaurant on the second floor, you can enjoy handmade dishes prepared using mostly local ingredients, matched with freshly-brewed local beer. Shimane Furusato Ryoriten, a restaurant committed to using local ingredients, offers a richly-varied menu that includes barbecued Shimane Wagyu beef and Izumo Soba noodles. Matsue Horikawa Local Beer Hall is obviously recommended for beer aficionados, but it is a fun place to take children also.


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