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Enjoy the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark and the outdoors with an E-bike

Suggested Time : 2 Nights, 3 Days Main modes of transportation : Ferry, Boat, E-bike Regions : Oki

Seen from a pleasure boat, the spectacular views of Candle Island are impressive! Enjoy the nature of Oki with an electric bicycle.

Day 1


Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine

This shrine is the main general shrine of the Oki Islands, and was constructed in a unique architectural style called Oki-zukuri. Every year on 5 June an important festival called Gorei-furyū takes place in which eight sacred horses carrying the deities from eight different areas around the island gallop up through the shrine gates. This unique festival draws large crowds of locals as well as visitors from outside the island.

The shrine grounds also contain a wizened Japanese Cedar Tree, called Yao-sugi, which stands at a massive 30m tall and is almost 2000 years old.

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Address 島根県隠岐郡隠岐の島町下西701
Tel. No. 08512-2-7170

E-bike (2 hours)


Dangyo-no-taki (Dangyo Waterfalls)

A place where the power of nature is palpable

To the left and right of a rock cliff that resembles a line of folding screens sit Odaki, a “male” waterfall that is 50m high, and Medaki, a “female” waterfall of 40m. It is also possible to look out from behind Odaki. Dangyo Waterfalls has been selected as one of Japan’s 100 great waterfalls and 100 famous natural water sources. As you draw close to the falls you become enveloped in negative ions, and the mist-like water spray is undoubtedly good for the skin as well. Behind Odaki, there is a cavern where the Kannon(Statue of Goddess) of the waterfalls is enshrined, and Dangyo Shrine also sits between the two waterfalls. The shrine path that leads to the waterfalls is lined with old cedar trees as if concealing it from the heavens, creating a magical scene. There is also a large number of precious Oki Salamanders living in the mountain stream. * At the moment, it is possible to view the waterfalls, but due to the risk of rockslide accidents in the vicinity of Dangyo Shrine, venturing close to the shrine and entering the area behind the waterfalls is currently restricted. Warning signs are in place in the restricted areas (as of July 11, 2018).

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Address 島根県隠岐郡隠岐の島町那久
Tel. No. 08512-2-0787

E-bike (1.5 hours)


Rosoku-jima (Candle Island) Sightseeing Boat

An electrifying instant that will create a lifelong memory

Rosoku Island, also known as Candle Island, rises out of the water approximately 500m off the coast of Ojirobana. Seeing the setting sun appear to touch the tip of the island is simply like witnessing nature produce a work of art! That moment, when the setting sun “lights” the tip of the rock, is a precious one that can only be experienced from a sightseeing boat (the departure times vary depending on the season, so advance bookings and confirmation are required). – Shirashima – departs from Akasaki Wharf – Shakunage, Seiko-maru, Shioji-maru, Daigoshioji-maru, Kidai-maru and Hakuyo – depart from Fukuura Wharf

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Address 隠岐郡隠岐の島町南方
Tel. No. 08512-2-0787
Operating Hours <Operating period> April to October *Reservation required *Departure times differ based on sunset time, so confirm the departure time when making a reservation
Holidays November 1 to March 31

E-bike (3 hours)

Okinoshima Town (night)

Ferry (50 mins.)

Day 2


Akiya Coast

According to legend, a goddess gave a birth here.

This is a fantastic place to explore the rocky coast of the Oki Islands, watch ferries go by and relax in the sunshine. You can camp and swim here in the summer.
The striking red and black volcanic rocks, as well as the heart-shaped hole in the rock make for some great photographs! Its bright red color contrasts beautifully against the blue-green sea. Make sure you walk to the end of the track where you can see the “heart in the rock”.
This coast is formed by scoria (a porous volcanic rock) and other volcanic ejecta from a nearby volcano that erupted 2.8 million years ago.
You can enjoy looking at these close up along the walking trail on the coast.

Important Information
There are no shops or restaurants nearby, so please bring food and drink with you.

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Address 島根県隠岐郡海士町豊田

E-bike (2 hours)


Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW

An observation boat that creates the sense of strolling casually under the sea

Amanbo is the first semi-submerged observation boat to operate in the Sea of Japan. It departs from Hishiura Port and travels around Ama’s notable points both on and under the sea, beginning with the famous spot of Saburoiwa. The area of ocean around here is also the first diving spot on the Sea of Japan side, and is home to abundant seaweed and fish. From the boat’s underwater observatory, you can leisurely view schools of Japanese sea bream and Japanese amberjack, and it really feels like you are taking a stroll underwater! The night cruise allows you to spend a romantic and luxurious time while seeing the mysteries of the deep illuminated by Noctiluca scintillans (sea sparkles). (The boat’s operating schedule may change depending on the weather and sea conditions.)

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Address 島根県隠岐郡海士町菱浦
Tel. No. 08514-2-0101
Operating Hours [April to Octover] 08:30 to 14:30 (Departure time)
Holidays None during the period

Boat (10 mins.)


Kuniga Kaigan (Kuniga Coast)

A coastal area with scenery that is representative of the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark

Kuniga Coast is the dynamic beauty spot that represents Oki, which is registered as a UNESCO Global Geopark. Magnificent cliffs and massive, unusually-shaped rocks hewn by the coastal erosion of the Sea of Japan tower over the entire western coast region of Nishinoshima, and the beauty of the natural forms is overwhelming. When all is said and done, the heart of Kuniga Coast is Matengai, a cliff that soars vertically to a height of 257m from the surface of the sea. At the top of the cliff, meanwhile, cows and horses graze on expansive green pastures. Their leisurely mood contrasts nicely with the magnificent scenery. Tsutenkyo, an arch-shaped rock “bridge,” Akekure-no-iwaya, a 200-meter long natural tunnel, and the cliffs and large number of strange rocks displaying rugged basalt rock surfaces are all superb. Sightseeing boats operate that travel around the various picturesque spots, and the scenery that can be seen from the sea is exquisite.

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Address 島根県隠岐郡西ノ島町浦郷 
Tel. No. 08514-7-8880

E-bike (1 hour)

Nishinoshima Town (night)

Boat (10 mins.)

Day 3

E-bike (30 mins.)


Sekiheki (Red Cliff)

A hugely impressive red rock face

Sekiheki is a large cliff that stretches for approximately 1 km along the west coast of Chiburijima (Chiburi Island). The reddish-brown rock face, which has been deeply gouged by the waves of the Sea of Japan, varies in appearance depending on the time of day. When the sun is setting in particular, it is possible to enjoy the dramatic spectacle of Sekiheki against the blue ocean.

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Address 島根県隠岐郡知夫村
Tel. No. 08514-8-2272

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